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    發布人:http://www.fsaoling.com    發布時間:2021-10-08 11:49:16

    Mingxin door industry introduces the main setting requirements of fireproof rolling shutter door:
    1. The hallways and passages connected with the atrium shall be separated by class B fire doors or fire rolling shutters with a fire resistance limit greater than 3.00h.
    2. Two high-rise buildings or high-rise buildings are adjacent to single-layer and multi-storey civil buildings with fire resistance rating not lower than grade II. When the fire resistance limit of the adjacent higher exterior wall is not lower than 2.00h and the opening of the wall is equipped with fire doors, windows or fire rolling shutters, the fire separation can be appropriately reduced, but should not be less than 4.00m.
    3. The door of the front room of the fire elevator shall adopt class B fireproof door or fireproof rolling shutter with stagnation function.
    4. When there are corridors, open stairs, escalators and other openings connecting the upper and lower floors in the high-rise building, the upper and lower connecting floors shall be regarded as a fire compartment, and the total allowable building area shall not exceed the provisions of article 5.1.1 of these provisions. When the upper and lower openings are equipped with separation facilities such as fire shutter or water curtain with fire resistance limit greater than 3.00h, the area may not be calculated by superposition.
    5. The fire shutter set on the evacuation walkway shall be provided with opening and closing devices on both sides of the shutter, and shall have the functions of automatic, manual and mechanical control.
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